DECKadence® is a technologically advanced marine rated performance product created through a PVC spooled extrusion process, with a non-slip poly vinyl mesh coefficient rated backing, anti microbial composites, UV stabilizers DECKadence® is the highest rated marine deck coving on the market to date.

DMF is an absolute necessity for your feet, your back… and your boat deck. It’s installed in minutes, and without the worry of adhesives. It grips your deck, hoses off to clean, and delivers unparalleled comfort and durability. Browse our site and discover the amazing advantages of having… DECKadence Marine Flooring installed in on your watercraft!


  • Prevents slipping

  • Won't retain water (water flows through)

  • Adds comfort

  • Adds beauty

  • Buffers annoying engine noise

  • Absorbs shock from the constant impact of riding


FIND YOUR TEMPLATE:  Deckadence marine flooring can be found on popular models like Tige, Malibu, Mastercraft, Centurion, Epic Wake boats, Grady White, Ferriti Group and Intrepid. Click on the list below to locate a template. If your boat model is not listed call 256-234-5807 for assistance or click on the templating page link for instructions on how to make your own.

Custom Logo ( email logo to )


Azul    Beach Beige    Black    Chocolate    Clay

Dark Green    Deck Gray    Desert Camo    Emerald Green    Forest Green

Graphite    Hot Pink    Light Pink    Luna Silver    Marine Blue

Maroon    Navy Blue    Orange    Purple Passion    Rebar

Ruby Red    Sea Foam Green    Teal Blue    White    Yellow

How much DMF do I need?

Measure the areas you wish to cover. Add the areas up to get a total L X W example a 5 x 6’ area. Call 256-234-5807 or email to place the order and we will ship the piece to you ready to cut, trim and lay into the desired spaces.


Can I get these pieces pre-cut ready to install?

Absolutely! Just simply click on the link here and follow the instructions for templating. Once complete simply mail the templates to us and we will precisely cut them to your specifications and ship them back ready to install. ( Note there are additional charges for custom cutting the flooring and shipping. )


I have a custom Logo can it be put on my flooring?

Yes! Just simply email us the logo when placing your order. ( Note additional charges apply for custom logos )

How do you maintain DMF?

DMF was specifically designed for the marine industry, and to offer boat lovers a deck covering that’s durable, looks great and is easy to maintain. DMF requires no adhesives and very little maintenance. You simply place it down, you hose it off, you leave it there, or you take it off, it’s that easy!


What about mildew?

Most ask this question because they’re aware that carpet mildews. DMF is by no means carpet. The fact is Mildew can only get its food (and that’s how it grows) from natural materials such as protein, cellulosic, etc. In a carpet the protein material would be wool, the cellulosic would be jute or cotton. DMF is not natural, however, we do recommend occasionally lifting the ends of the DMF and fold them over after use, this allows air to circulate, and much like maintaining your deck, we recommend hosing off DMF after each use as well.

This largely depends on use and abuse, but an average of 4 years before a replacement is a consideration. DMF has a 1 year unconditional wear and tear and UV fade guarantee.