About Us

We Are Boat Care Specialists

We love boats, boaters, and boating....and water, of course.  We founded On Site Boat Care in 2008, rather unintentionally, but that story is saved for another day.  Because we love boating, we want to share that love with you. Our goal is to offer quality, custom cosmetic services to our fellow boaters. Boating is a get to, not a got to.  It should be a place of relaxation and a reflection of your personal style.  We would love to help create that place for you and your family to connect, relax, and laugh. During the last 10 years, On Site Boat Care has grown to allow us to service most boaters in the state.  We have offices in Alexander City, on Logan Martin, and in Guntersville and have been blessed with best team anyone could ask for. Whether you use our services or not, get out and boat with your loved ones and create lasting memories! You will be glad you did.

Blue skies and happy boating,

Gary and Amanda Hardy